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House Rejects Legals Competition!

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2009 at 2:11 pm

…party-line votes instead to preserve Pay-to-Read Publications’ $26 Million Monopoly on Legal Advertising. But with a new so-called “Compromise” Blue Light Special Sale Price.

On the first day back from Bonusgate Round Two, the PA House — at long last! — took up the issue it dodged for decades: Legal Advertising Reform. The Pay-to-Read Lobby pushed for Protectionism. And Community Papers and Local Government Stakeholders — i.e. Monopoly Ratepayers — urged Free Market Competition.

The Creighton Amendment — A 03587 — would have provided the Option of Competition from Free Community Papers. Same as HB 1876 as filed (PN 2485) and HB 677. Those responsible for placing Legal Advertising could finally get to shop around for the best possible coverage and cost. (Note the amazing disparities — or opportunities — in Exhibits A & B).

But the most influential Pay-to-Read Lobby made the Tempting Bargain: Preserve Our Monopoly — Save Us From Market Forces & Technology — And We’ll Promise to Start Charging Less than the Extortion Rates Now In Effect. For the moment, anyway, our legislators took that so-called “Compromise” bargain.

As we’ll continue to explain, it simply can’t work as promised. And at the end of the day, the Free Market will prevail.


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